A blog dedicated to the English vampire duo, Spike & Drusilla, from TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its spin off Angel and the extended universe (comic books and novels) of both shows.

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Do you love my insides?
The parts you can't see?

Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet.

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William "Spike" Pratt || James Marsters
Drusilla (Dru) Keeble || Juliet Landau

Characters Created By:
Joss Whedon

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drusillawantstoplay asked
Dru didn't release him but only shifted her grip as she was lifted off the ground. Her only hope was to not be rammed into a door frame as she continued to smother him with kisses. "Good. Missed you so. Need reminding of everything we would do..."


Spike just barely paid enough attention to their surroundings to guide them into their bedroom without running into anything. He slammed the door shut and lifted Dru onto the bed, crawling onto it after her, never ceasing to kiss her. “Everything, princess. Yes…”


Read this fic and one of my first thoughts was “Spikendru4ever would love this”.

It’s a beautifully written AU fic, a all-human version of the Spike and Dru love story set in the modern era. I have nothing to do with the writing, idea or anything of that nature. I just read it and thought “Damn, those are some quality sprusilla feels”.


Now that I’ve found some fellow fans on tumblr it’s probably a good time to start sharing more of my sprusilla obsession. These are my shorts. I’m wearing them right now. They were originally a personalized shirt that I ordered. It stopped fitting well so I cut out the words and stitched them onto my shorts.


Now that I’ve found some fellow fans on tumblr it’s probably a good time to start sharing more of my sprusilla obsession. These are my shorts. I’m wearing them right now. They were originally a personalized shirt that I ordered. It stopped fitting well so I cut out the words and stitched them onto my shorts.

frightsaroundyourvanity asked
okay for the meme-- buffy!


  • M/F OTP: Spike/Dru. I just loved them together.
  • M/M OTP: I didn’t do a lot of m/m shipping on this show, but there was a ton of sexual tension between Spike and Xander and Spike and Giles in season 4. Riley/Graham is a close second.
  • F/F OTP: Ooh, Cordelia/Buffy. Faith/Buffy were awesome too but damn Charisma and SMG had so much chemistry on so many levels.
  • OT3: I’m not sure I had one. I used to read fics a long time ago about Buffy and Xander both being in love with Angel. A season 1 or early season 2 version of this would have worked for me. Or something with Giles because I think Giles would have known how to handle an OT3. Maybe Giles/Jenny/Joyce.
  • Friendship OTP: Dawn/Tara. I loved their bond. And Oz’s friendships with so many people. Oz was just cool.
  • Canon OTP: Spike/Dru.
  • Crackship OTP: Buffy/Giles (only after she was 18!) Their relationship really began to get complex and ambiguous in season 3. That screeched to a halt in season 4, sadly, but man, there were some great fics I read set in season 4 where Buffy was having a secret affair with Giles while dealing with college life.
  • Anti-OTP: Xander/Willow. It always made me uncomfortable. 
onionshavelayersogreshavelayers asked
If you haven't already gotten them, Sprusilla?


send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings: Pretending that they wake up in bed or the mornings as a general rule? Neither. They awaken in tangled, dishevelled, blood-stained sheets and that’s how they both like them. Spike was always careful to tuck Dru up nice and warm post-Prague*, but that’s about the only time he even thought about good housekeeping. (*A little off topic here, but Drusilla likewise made a point of putting all her dolls in bed with Spike after his injury in What’s my Line Part 2, and that’s about the only time she ever cared for the aesthetic of their bed chamber as well. She thought Miss Edith, Bluebell, et al could keep him company when she was out hunting for them both, and Spike could swear the minions were trying not to laugh when they saw he was stuck in bed with two dozen porcelain dolls, but he loved Dru so much he didn’t say anything about it.)
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote:Spike, definitely. He loves his soap operas, and Drusilla never understood TV (though she knew of it three decades before its existence). She always felt frustrated that the “little fairy people in the box that isn’t there” couldn’t seem to be bitten, and never replied when she asked them how excited they were to die by her hand. How rude. Consequently, she had no hard feelings about Spike’s possessive nature when it came to the TV remote. 
  • stays up until 2am reading: Drusilla has a affinity for the morning paper, and Spike steals it for her off the presses the night before it runs (he also brought her rat corpses apparently, because he’s such a charming romantic). She reads up until late (or, urm, early), and Spike notices that she seems more lucid than usual for having enjoyed it.
  • is the bigger cuddler: Usually Spike. Sometimes he’d sleep with his arms wrapped around her waist and head resting on her hip, letting Drusilla stroke his hair absentmindedly as she fell asleep. He hated going to bed without cuddling Dru; after all, a good boyfriend worships his princess even in unconsciousness. However-during her period of illness circa 1997- Drusilla became very demanding when it came to her embraces. Ergo; if she wasn’t being cuddled or mollycoddled, she was not happy. Some days she’d cling to her lover like everything else in existence was out to hurt her. In her head, maybe it was.
  • does the laundry: Laundry? That’s what minions are for! (Also, a part of me suspects that if they’re not repulsed by the thought of stealing clothes off drained carcasses, then they won’t be repulsed by wearing clothes with a stain or two on).
  • mows the lawn: This questionnaire seriously underestimates the value of hardworking minions.
  • is better at budgeting: This isn’t really a issue for vampires. What you can’t pay for, you kill for, and what you can pay for, you kill for anyway. However, there are some people worth keeping alive that you have to bribe on occasion, and Spike sorts out finances in those situations.
  • instigates the sex: Drusilla, for definite. Spike is almost always ravenous for her, but waits until she beckons to him.


yes but why didn’t anyone tell me there would be awesome dysfunctional dark complex vampire relationships in this show WHY PEOPLE
(and by anyone i mean wintercourf
and I’m referring to that time Angel mentally tortured Drusilla and drove her insane and only then turned her because he was obsessed
and Spike’s deep fucked up love for her
and that time Spike screamed at Angel blaming him for betraying him
OT3 guys